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Character Name: Anya Corazon
Age: 18
Canon: Marvel Comics
Canon Point: Just post-Spider Island
Character Information: Wikipedia entry. (The Marvel wikia entry is severely disorganized and plagued by inaccurate information, the Wikipedia page is more accurate.)

Aña is the daughter of two very intelligent people, and was raised by an investigative journalist. She's smart, and inclined to be curious - often to the point of being nosy. She's managed to tamp that down when necessary the past few years, but it's difficult, and she'd much rather know everything that's going on than not ask questions to the point of being annoying.

While she has done some morally dubious things (and once worked for a morally dubious secret organization), she keeps at heroing because, at heart, she wants to be a hero. She genuinely wants to help people. She especially has a drive to fight against and stop anyone she perceives as a bully - anyone from your mundane to your super powered.

She has a hell of a temper, when provoked, and even if she's outclassed, she will make every effort to wreak vengeance on you (or get you to shut up by kicking your ass) if you piss her off sufficiently. And the easiest way to provoke her is to mess with someone she cares about. She is intensely loyal to the people she's chosen as "hers", her natural inclination to loyalty somewhat exacerbated by the fact that she's lost so many of her people. In the weeks since her father's and Rikki's death, she's started trying to keep people at arms' length, to try to minimize potential hurt if anything happens to them. It's not a very helpful reaction, because she very much needs people, making it an ultimately unsustainable response.

Her strong-willed nature is very often tied to the people she cares about - when she is the most aggressive and hard to hold down is when she's pushing for help for someone she loves. She has more than once broken out of mind control because the person controlling her tried to get her to hurt someone she cared about, and she fights most fiercely for attention and assistance when someone she cares about is in danger.

While she's a good person, she has not been entirely above morally dubious moves, especially early on in her superhero career. When she was with Web Corp, she was taught to be a hunter, to seek out danger before it has a chance to hurt anyone, and eliminate it. While it is never shown explicitly on-panel, it seems unlikely that she had the sort of control you'd need to use your new super powers to incapacitate bad guys without severely injuring or killing them. She's had more practice and more training since then, and mostly deals in reactive heroism now, but that initial "strike first, before they can hurt you" mentality is still a part of her. Additionally, she had no problem with the idea of killing the man she thought had killed her mother, though he did escape, and would do it again to her mother's actual killer if presented the chance.

All of this said, she is at heart both a good person and an utter dork. She gives friends ridiculous nicknames, goes crazy for chocolate, and is super awkward when she has a crush. She is, in other words, a teenage girl. A teenage girl with four years of combat, morally dubious actions, grief, and superheroics to her name, but a teenage girl nonetheless.

5-10 Key Character Traits:
  1. Stubborn
  2. Curious
  3. Loyal
  4. Intelligent
  5. Hates bullies
  6. Has a fierce temper when provoked
  7. Willing to do morally iffy things to protect/avenge people she loves
  8. Tendency to be aggressive/proactive instead of reactively protective
  9. Reckless

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? FITS

Opt-Outs: Vampire, Goblin, Faerie, Nymph, Demon

Roleplay Sample: in-game thread at Drift Fleet


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